Welcome, friends, to our New Year’s themed Dungeons & Dragons extravaganza!

The situation being what it is, the game that you will be playing will represent many of the qualities found in a normal game of D&D… but boiled down into a delicious, thick, viscous liquid. In a normal game of D&D, characters start out as low level mercenaries for hire who, through the course of adventuring, learn who they are and what their goals are in the world, travelling through it as they see fit. In my game, much of what you are going to experience is going to be on rails – I’m going to control most of what occurs during the session in an attempt to tell a cohesive story that will give players a firm resolution by the end of the night.

I don’t what you to think that all element of choice has been excised from this session. D&D is a sandbox game, after all. I’m just limiting the size of the sandbox so that we can keep things moving at a quick pace.

What do I need from you before the session starts?

  • An approved character made through the D&D Character Builder
  • A sense of who you character is, where they came from, what their personality is like
  • An adventurous attitude and the ability to separate character knowledge and player knowledge

What do you not need to bring?

  • Physical equipment of any kind. Dice and Character Sheets will be provided

I’ve been putting quite a bit of thought and preparation into this game and the world it takes place in. If you have any questions pertaining to Thios, email me at nathanlambes@gmail.com or send me a message on facebook.

I hope you all have a great experience with this touchstone of nerd culture. I’ve enjoyed putting it together with you.

The Eye of Thios

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