Eye of Thios

The Eye of Thios is a sacred circle in the earth around around which the capitol city of Cathair was built. It is older than memory and little is known of how it came to be, but once every three years the Eye will open and allow worthy candidates to enter into the depths of the planet to initiate the Cycle of Renewal.

One hundred feet in diameter, the “Eye” got its name from it’s distinctive shape and coloration. An eighty foot, jet black, reflective “pupil” bordered by a ten foot wide rim of faintly luminescent, streaked, dark brown sections of “iris”. From a high vantage, it truly appears to be a large eye.

Three days before the new Cycle is to begin, the “iris” of the eye will drop by descending sections that form a stairwell. Only those who are born within moments of a new Cycle are permitted to enter, as only they have the ability to start the Cycle anew, keeping the destructive power of Corruption at bay.

Over the generations, a large colosseum has been built around the Eye for the pageantry surrounding the Candidates’ entrance to the stairwell. Ceremonially, a ball has been held at the site the night that the Eye opens, and this event used to be a joyous occasion. However, the recent disappearances of those who enter has lent a more somber tone to the occasion. The ball ends moments before the midnight hour, just in time for attendees to retreat to the stands and watch the Eye open. The candidates are then sent off, with fanfare, in the morning.

Eye of Thios

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