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The Eye of Thios opens only once every seven years, three days before the Cycle of Renewal is supposed to begin. It is a day’s journey down the first way-station, another day’s journey to the second way-station, and a third to reach the base of the Eye, where Ness awaits your presence and communion.

Each way-station is a perfectly round room with a five foot wide stream running along the edge. In the center of the room is a ten foot wide pedestal made of a faintly luminescent black stone. You have been told that by touching the stone and concentrating, one can commune with Ness and receive guidance and preparation for the ritual.

The base of the Eye of Thios is similarly equipped with one notable exception… there are no walls. It is a perfectly round hundred foot disc with a ten foot pedestal in the center, but there is no stream and there are no walls. Those that step beyond the edge fall into darkness.

It is said by veterans of the journey that the descent passed in peace. All that was required of them was to gather around the pedestal and touch their hands to the cool, black stone. Afterward, they were transported to the surface. However, the past two missions to initiate renewal have failed. No one knows why. No one has returned. Something has changed in the Eye, and you should proceed with caution.

Make peace with your loved ones before you enter. None can follow. No one can save you. You either restart the Cycle… or die trying. If you fail, the world may not be able to withstand another seven years of Corruption…

Main Page

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